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CONIPAVE - decorative natural stones water permeable flooring system



Indfloor Group presents a new system of professional flooring implemented in one of the most audacious flooring projects at the national level. The restoration of Cetății Square from Baia Mare allowed Indfloor Group team to introduce in its portfolio the Conipave product, a decorative natural stone based water permeable flooring system.



Briefly, about the project
In 2014 there have been initiated restoring actions of an important objective from the city of Baia Mare, Cetății Square – Stephenˈs Tour, a prestige area with an important tourist attraction. The project, emblematic for Baia Mare had as objective the restyling and restoring of the historical and public constructions from Cetății Square, that aimed inclusively the flooring restoration.

In 2014, through the close collaboration with the designer of the restoration works, the architecture company “9 Optiune”, represented by the architects Ildiko Mitru and Stefan Paskucs, Indfloor Group team started the development of the new product that, once with its setting in 2015, succeeded to capitalise the aimed area for modernisation.
The new surface has been set only after having successfully passed the approximate 8 months testing, period whereto it has been submitted to bad weather conditions, heavy equipments action, pedestrian flux etc. The stone based flooring has been arranged in two colours, so that to reveal the contour of the ancient Saint Stephen church and also to highlight the discovered archaeological vestiges that may be observed today by the public by means of secured transparent glass cases.

About Conipave system
Before enumerating some of the most important advantages of this special system, it should be mentioned that Indfloor Group is the only company from the flooring field from Romania that is able to set Conipave decorative natural stone based water permeable flooring. It is a system certified and technically approved by the National Research – Development Institute in Constructions, Urbanism and Sustainable Territorial Development „URBAN-INCERC”, following the approaches made by the representatives of Indfloor Group company.

Conipave system - draining flooring based on stone - is a system made from good resistance stone (marble, granite, etc.) mixed with polyurethane binder, casted as flooring

Here are the most important advantages of this system:
- great resistance
- allows its setting on an uneven surface (the flooring set on Cetății Square assumes the slants caused by the roots of the emblematic trees from the area)
- it is a permeable system that allows the soil to breath and, in the same time, allows the water to infiltrate, preventing the forming of puddles and ice films (the project from Baia Mare did not aim the development of a sewage system, due to this great advantage of Conipave system).
- Represents the ideal solution to replace the common aspect of the concrete
- easy to maintain
- offers the possibility to create of diversified range of colours / types of stone (there is the possibility to combine the colour of the stones)
- has a natural aspect





- pedestrian alleys
- public squares
- sidewalks
- amusement areas
- parks
- car parks
Conipave draining flooring based on stone may be installed inclusively of roads with vehicle access, but it is impose a speed limit to 25km/hour.


• Widths
The decorative natural stone based water permeable flooring may be applied on widths of 10-40 mm, on support layers achieved from compact stone or concrete.
• Eco Friendly
This system is friendly with the environment, does not contain dangerous chemical substances or substances with cancer potential and does not pollute the surrounding environment.
• Safety
Conipave presents a low sliding accidents risk.
• Durability
The lifetime of the draining flooring is of at least 10 years, after this period the surface may be restored.
• Maintenance
The maintenance of this flooring may be achieved manually or with the help of some special equipments. The decorative natural stone based water permeable flooring  may be washed with clean water or with detergent, with the help of the pressure water pumps or of the special cleaning machines of the street outdoor floorings. During the cold season, the snow shall be removed with rubber tools or with special equipments, avoiding the damage of the stones by breaking.


For the arrangement of the flooring from Cetății Square it has been chosen marble, the total set area being of approximately 1.100 m². The system, of 4 cm width, has been applied with the help of some special equipments, in approximately one week.
The flooring highlights the objective, differentiating by the shades of the marble stones the foundation of the Saint Stephenˈs church, demolished in 1847.




Also, due to the lightening that held a major place in the restoring process of the Cetății Square, the project was awarded with the third place within the international competition People’s Choice Award 2015. The opening took place on the 25th of September 2015 at Helsinki.

Today, Cetății Square became an urban area with dominant cultural and religions purpose, that attracts both the locals and the tourists, too.





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CONIPAVE - decorative natural stones water permeable flooring system-Baia Mare

CONIPAVE - decorative natural stones water permeable flooring system-Baia Mare

CONIPAVE - decorative natural stones water permeable flooring system, 1.100 sqm


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