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In time, Indfloor Group company managed to establish sustainable partnerships with important professional flooring manufacturers. Due to this close collaboration, Indfloor Group can now offer high quality sustainable flooring to its customers.


Indfloor Group offers a wide range of professional flooring:
- PVC flooring
- Sports flooring
- Synthetic turf
- Polyurethane flooring
- Epoxy flooring
- Flooring for sport halls
- Triple layered parquet
- Professional carpet (carpet tiles and carpet roll)
- Floor maintenance solutions

We present you the Indfloor Group company's main business partners:


Partners: Tarkett


Tarkett is one of the most important companies in the worldwide flooring industry.
Founded in 1886, Tarkett offers a wide range of professional products that covers almost the entire flooring requirements of various industries.
Thanks to Tarkett, Indfloor Group offers durable pvc flooring at a fair price-quality ratio. Thanks to innovative technology, Tarkett pvc carpet can be installed in areas such healthcare, education, public transportation, geriatric institutions, hotels and public places, offices, shops, etc.



Partners: Tarkett, Conica, Haro, Avalon, Graboplast


For over 35 years Conica develops, manufactures and delivers world-leading products, highly reliable products for fitting synthetic sports surfaces.
As a Conica partner, Indfloor Group offers its customers innovative solutions providing intelligent systems for running tracks, gyms, indoor / outdoor sports, playgrounds, etc.
Indfloor Group is specialized in covering sports flooring, endowed with the latest equipment. All sold products are aproved by the International Sports Federations and they are fabricated under the international standards of quality and safety.




Haro - Germany is a company that since 1866 continue to develop high quality flooring. Through Haro - important manufacturer of sport halls flooring systems, Indfloor Group offers a variety of solutions to those interested in the sports flooring field.
Haro products provided by Indfloor Group means extremely durable hardwood parquet, built to improve athletic performance.




Avalon is a Dutch company with over 15 years experience in the synthetic turf production. Professional products marketed by Indfloor Group covers a wide range of use, have a long life and can be applied in various areas such as sports fields, lawns, balconies, playgrounds, roundabouts, etc..
Avalon synthetic turf is a high quality product with a 7-year warranty offered by the manufacturer. Due to a high attention on its quality, Avalon synthetic turf is certified and recommended by FIFA and FIH (International Hockey Federation).






Graboplast superior quality professional products (Hungary) are the result of decades of experience.
Indfloor Group offers 100% natural floor - durable and good looking triple layered parquet. Available in a variety of colors and patterns, Grabo triple layered parquet will offer elegance to any space in which it is installed. This professional product (guaranteed for over 25 years) is an excellent investment at a great relation quality-price.




Partners: Murexin, Sto, Conica

Since the '30's, Murexin company has developed numerous solutions for industrial floor coating, using synthetic resins epoxy and polyurethane in the manufacturing process.
Murexin products marketed by Indfloor Group targets industrial areas. Epoxy and polyurethane floors are highly resistant to mechanical and chemical factors; among the advantages: anticorrosive, offers electrostatic protection needed in the electronic industry, robust, resistant to extreme weather factors (temperature, humidity, light etc.)




Indfloor Group installs epoxy floors using Sto proffessional products. Sto is a company established in 1955.





Partners: Balta Group








Partners: Dr. Schutz


Dr. Schutz company was founded in 1955 and is headquartered in Germany. Its advertised products are designed to keep the amount of floors. Indfloor Group strongly recommends Dr Schutz professional products.






Partners: Romus


Thanks to Romus Indfloor Group company provides products specifically designed for flooring installers.
More than 30,000 items found in catalog Romus 2014 are dedicated to both the substrate preparation, and professional installation of all flooring types: parquet, carpet, pvc carpet, synthetic resin floors, etc.
Romus is a company whose head office is in France, which develops for decades professional products for flooring applicators.




Partners: Inpro



Indfloor Group is the only distributor in East Europe for Inpro proffesional products! This new partnership was set in 2017 in order to offer our clients special products designed for indoor protection: handrails, wall protection, kickplates, etc.




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