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Floor maintenance - The importance of entrance matting systems


Entrance mats are an extremely effective method regarding floor maintenance. They keep surfaces clean and at the same time, they reduce the frequency of the maintenance procedure. Chosen depending on the destination, size and interior space traffic, these professional entrance mats prevent dirt from entering the stores, malls, offices, private homes, etc..


Indfloor Group provides professional products made by HD Door Matting Solutions, company having long term experience in dealing with professional entrance area cleaning systems.

Considering the needs of the customers, the trends of the market, and the results of a detailed market research, HD Door Matting Solutions recently started production of it’s own, original entrance matting systems.





Entrance mats from HD60 series are especially developed for entrance areas with heavy to extreme traffic - as in office buildings, hospitals, supermarkets, shopping malls, etc.
All the mats from this group are designed of, so called, "closed" type, where the dirt is trapped in a special grooves between the profiles, where can easily be vacuumed or swept off. The same grooves channel the water to flow freely sideways.

1. HD 60 Brush

The mat consists of aluminum profiles, EPDM rubber inserts, and two rows of PA6 brushes. HD60 Brush combines the cleaning properties of the highly durable EPDM rubber with the ability of the thin PA6 brushes to touch every single part of the shoe soles. The inserts are made out of high quality raw materials so they can meet the
highest standards for long lasting and effective cleaning. The UV stability of the EPDM and the brushes allows usage in both - outdoors and indoors.

They can be installed in the first two cleaning zones - coarse dirt collection and fine dust removal.

2. HD 60 Rubber

This model is made with EPDM inserts over aluminum profiles, and effectively removes coarse dirt, mud particles, little stones and sand. Rubber inserts are extruded from high quality UV stabilized EPDM rubber, resistant to outdoor conditions. This will be the best choice for durability, coarse dirt cleaning and slip resistance.

HD60 Rubber mats can be used in the first two cleaning zones - coarse dirt collection and fine dust removal.



3. HD 60 Brush Active

This one is made of aluminum profiles with inserts, made of highly durable Coral Brush Active carpet, with a pile made of 100% PA BCF, with thick polyamide monofillament fibers, which act like a thousands of tiny brushes, efficiently removing the dirt, and cleaning the shoe soles. Due to its cut pile structure, the carpet can be easily vacuum cleaned and has a high moisture absorbtion properties. HD60 Brush Active mats are suitable for both outdoor and indoor use.
They can be installed in all the three cleaning zones - coarse dirt collection, fine dust removal and moisture absorption.


4. HD 60 Carpet

HD60 Carpet is made of aluminum profiles with inserts, made of high quality rib carpet with excellent moisture absorption and cleaning properties. This mat eliminates dust and moisture in the most effective way, and is used mostly in interior areas, dedicated to second and third zone for fine cleaning and moisture control.




Тhree zone cleaning


To clean effectively and stop dirt at the entrance area, it is not enough to just install any doormat. Every entrance cleaning system should be considered to the entrance area size, type, congestion, etc. The size of the mat is very important, and the proper combination of different types of items by area provides greater efficiency of the system as a whole.


We can identify three types of zones:


1. Zone I / Coarse dirt / - for this zone we recommend entrance mats with brush or rubber inserts, or a combination between them. They will effectively remove contaminants such as small pebbles, sand, snow, mud, etc...




2. Zone II / fine dirt / - for this zone we recommend entrance mats with brush, rubber or carpet inserts, or combination of them. This zone seeks to remove finer debris such as sand and absorb water.




3. Zone III / absorption of water / - for this zone, mats with carpet inserts are suitable. They will further absorb water from the soles to prevent slipping and wet steps in entrance areas.




The length of the mat is very important. The size has to be adjusted depending on the size of the entrance field and human flow. Studies show that 90% of dirt from the shoes is removed at the first 7 steps on a properly designed 3-zone cleaning system of mats.


If you are interested in getting an offer for professional matting system, please acces the offer request form.

Indfloor's Group experts offers you free advice for choosing the best solution!



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