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There are countless types of professional carpeting on the market, with properties that meet every requirement. It is practically impossible not to find a suitable option for your project. In terms of comfort, we have to bring up the carpet underlay. It represents an intermediate layer, between the support surface (usually screed) and the carpet. Comfort is an aspect that must be checked, especially when we are discussing carpeting for hotels or guesthouses. Some professional carpet manufacturers (including the collaborator of Indfloor Group – Balta Group, Belgium), offer types of carpet with this protective layer applied directly in the factory. For the rest of the carpeting options, we suggest the underlay for carpeting from Carpenter – Great Britain.
Guest houses or hotels expect comfort. It is the underlay layer that influences this aspect. Carpet manufacturers recommend the application of an underlay, precisely for this reason. In the long run, this investment proves to be a smart one.

A professional carpet chosen in relation to traffic requirements, installed on a suitable underlay layer, will last well over time, increase comfort and will not wear out prematurely. In the case of installing the carpet on a regular support layer, flattening of the carpet may occur earlier than the beneficiaries expect,

The polyurethane from which the underlay is made prevents moisture and the release of an unpleasant smell, minimizes noise, provides thermal insulation and facilitates the penetration of air through the carpet, which allows easy vacuuming.

An underlay refers to two important aspects, which help you choose the best option for carpeting:
A dense underlay means better performance. Moreover, the density of this support layer influences the recovery properties of the floor after exerting pressure (furniture, steps).
A generously thick underlay means increased comfort. This aspect also influences the acoustic and thermal aspect.


– Protects against early carpet wear
– Sound and thermal insulation
– A Carpenter underlay is made from 75% recycled polyurethane foam and can go through the same process after uninstallation
– The percentage of return to the initial state, after applying pressure, is clearly higher (up to 95%) compared to traditional products made from rubber granules (max. 65%)
– Carpenter underlay is lighter, making it easier to transport and handle
– An underlay layer is permeable and can be installed over a wooden floor
– There are underlay options suitable for underfloor heating
– All Carpenter products have excellent fireproof properties
– The underlay can also be applied on steps, with the recommendation of choosing a higher density
– The life expectancy of Carpenter products is guaranteed for the entire period of use of the professional carpet.