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Entrance matting systems are an extremely effective method of maintaining indoor floors. They keep surfaces clean and at the same time, reduce the frequency of floor maintenance operations.
Chosen according to the destination, size and traffic of the interior space, these professional mats prevent dirt from entering shops, shopping malls, offices, private homes, etc.
Indfloor Group offers you the professional products of the European company HD Door Matting Solutions – HDDMS, with long experience in the field of professional cleaning systems in entrance areas. Considering customer needs, market trends as well as detailed market research, HD Door Matting Solutions has started the production of its own professional mat systems, which we present to you below.
The professional dust barriers of the HD 60 series have been specially designed for the entrances to spaces with intense traffic – offices, hospitals, shopping malls, supermarkets, airports, etc.
The HD 60 dust barriers are of the ‘closed’ type, which means that dirt accumulates in the grooves (narrow depressions) in the barrier profiles. This way, dirt does not reach the space at the entrance of which the professional dust barrier is located. Furthermore, residues can be easily vacuumed or swept away. In the case of moisture, the same grooves allow water to flow to the side of the barrier, thus avoiding ‘wet steps’ on the surface of the floors.

1. HD 6017 Brush Active

The HD 6017 Brush Active dust barrier is made of aluminum profiles, EPDM rubber inserts and two rows of PA6 brushes.

The HD 6017 Brush Active Dust Barrier combines the cleaning properties of highly durable EPDM rubber and the ability of PA 6 brushes to deep clean shoe soles.

This model meets the highest standards for efficient and long-lasting cleaning. Thanks to the UV qualities of the EPDM rubber and the efficiency of the brushes it is provided with, the professional mat model HD 6017 can be used both indoors and outdoors.

hd6017 brush active

2. HD 6017 Rubber

This model of professional mats is provided with EPDM rubber inserts over the aluminum profiles. It effectively removes dirt, mud particles, small stones and sand.
The professional mat HD 6017 Rubber has slip resistance properties, can be installed outside and it is the best choice for removing coarse dirt.
Like the HD 6017 Brush model, the HD 6017 Rubber can be installed in the first two cleaning areas – gross dirt collection and dust removal.

hd6017 rubber

3. HD 6017 Carpet

The HD 6017 dust barrier is made of aluminum profiles with high-quality carpet inserts. The latter has excellent cleaning and moisture absorption properties. HD 6017 Carpet removes dust and moisture, being used mainly indoors, in the second and third zones – for dust removal and humidity control.

hd6017 carpet

4. HD 6017 Logo

HD6017 Logo is a professional mat that can be customized with various colors or with the recipient’s logo. The printed graphic elements are inserted into the aluminum profile. HD 6017 Logo removes dust and moisture in the most effective way and it is mainly used in indoor areas, targeting the second and third zones for fine cleaning and moisture control.

hd6017 logo


The solutions presented above can be combined to create a single product that meets the needs of the space you have.

1. Zone I – coarse dirt
Barriers with rubber inserts, brushes, elements that can be combined are recommended for this area. They will effectively remove coarse dirt, such as small stones, sand, mud, snow, etc.

2. Zone II – dust
For this area, we recommend rubber or carpet barriers, or a combination of them. In this area, water will be retained and fine debris, dust, sand, etc. will be removed.

3. Zone III – water absorption
Barriers with carpet inserts ahall be used in this area, for efficient water absorption, thus preventing both slipping and wet steps in the entrance areas.

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