Professional drainage systems

From the desire to offer our customers solutions for ‘turnkey’ flooring projects, in 2017 we entered into a partnership with the manufacturer of products and accessories – Purus, Sweden. We recommend Purus professional products, already installed in dozens of completed works, nationwide, for wet spaces, in any field of activity.
The Purus portfolio is complex, so there are solutions for fitting any type of flooring.

Among the product ranges, we mention:
Gutters, grates and floor gullies, available in various materials (plastic, stainless steel) and sizes.


The available sizes of the drainage systems are among the most varied, starting from the mini series of 50-59 mm, reaching up to 2.5 m in the case of an industrial space that involves a massive collection of water (a car wash, for example). The shapes and designs of the grills differ. Some of them are hardly noticeable, thanks to the perfect embedding and masking in the floor. Thus, beneficiaries can arrange their spaces with style, using the advantages of Purus products.
The advantage of this complex range of products lies in the fact that the drainage systems were designed with a Purus patented system, called NOOD, which does not allow the release of unpleasant air after draining the water. Installation for drain siphons can take place on floors such as PVC carpet, epoxy resin.

sifoane din pvc


NOOD, patented by Purus, is a particularly popular system. The release of unpleasant odors is no longer a problem.
The system is equipped with a valve that opens when water enters the siphon and then closes tightly. NOOD prevents the release of unpleasant odors after water drainage.

Sistemul NOOD antimiros

Purus products are certified, with the manufacturer guaranteeing the hygiene standards, durability, stability and mechanical resistance.