pardoseli pentru loc de joaca


What could be more important than providing our children with the best conditions to grow and develop in an optimal and healthy way?
Play is an integral part of children’s education process. That’s why it’s important where they play every day.
Modern flooring made of rubber granules have been designed to provide children with conditions of comfort, hygiene and, above all, safety.
Indfloor Group designs tartan flooring for playgrounds, which are safe, colorful and cheerful surfaces. These rubber systems for playgrounds belong to the ‘anti-trauma floors’ group.


A modern playground for children, which wants to be safe and attractive, must meet the following conditions:
• be easy to clean
• be cheerful, colorful, with different designs or color combinations to visually attract children
• offer the little ones comfort in use, in conditions of maximum safety


How safe are these playground floors?
To provide maximum safety, playground floors are rubber floors that meet certain thickness standards. This is determined by the playground equipment below which they are installed. Tartan systems are customized based on the height from which a child could fall. For example, the thickness of the existing flooring around a slide will be different to that around a piece of low-height play equipment.
Anti-trauma floors are cast on site from a mixture of rubber granules and polyurethane. But beneficiaries can also opt for prefabricated rubber tiles. Regardless of the chosen shape, these tartan floors are ideal for playgrounds in kindergartens or specially designed public spaces.

Conica Conipur Playground is the system that our team implements in playground flooring projects.




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