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PVC flooring represents a modern solution with a special design. Since professional flooring has experienced a new trend in recent years, PVC flooring stands for superior quality and multiple designs.
PVC flooring is available in an impressive variety of designs and colours. Whether in rolls or tiles (LVT – Luxury Vinyl Tiles), it can be installed in any area, being volatile for multipurpose use. It is mainly appreciated for its antibacterial properties, it is a waterproof surface, being easy to maintain. Last but not least, it can also be refurbished looking brand new after a long period of use.


PVC flooring is flexible, allowing the application also on walls, bending the material in order to eliminate 90° angle.
PVC rolls are hot welded, thus eliminating the joints, which are harder to clean, and might develop favorable environments for bacteria.
Customers can also choose LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tiles) where the joints blend perfectly so the surface does not favor the development of bacteria between the PVC tiles.
PVC tiles can be installed glued, loose lay or with a click system.


– high wear resistance
– non-slippery
– chemical substances resistance
– hard-wearing, long-lasting
– suitable for heavy traffic areas
– antibacterial properties (meets hygiene standards required in food industry and in medical area)
– extremely easy to maintain
– it can also be installed on underfloor heating systems

We install homogeneous PVC flooring and/or heterogeneous PVC flooring in spaces such as:


hospitals, medical surgeries

covor pvc spitale


schools, kindergartens

covor pvc pentru scoli


shops, professional kitchens

covor pvc indfloor

All types of PVC flooring are available on our dedicated website: You can also find here our collections.