tapet pvc


A PVC wallcover has many advantages and is a profitable long-term investment. In addition to its role of protecting walls from scratches or stains, PVC wallcover meets hygiene standards, especially in the sanitary field, and can be installed even in the sterile rooms of medical facilities.
The varied range of colors and models gives the beneficiaries the opportunity to personalize their space, or to create visually attractive areas.
PVC wallcover is flexible, it is easy to handle during its installation and it is showy.
Maintenance is very easy and does not require special maintenance operations.
The types of PVC wallcover that Indfloor Group installs are specially treated surfaces, so they are particularly resistant to abrasion, scratches or stains.
A PVC wallcover can be installed in any space, in any field of activity. Usually, the beneficiaries of spaces with special hygiene conditions opt for the installation of antibacterial PVC wallcover on the walls. Another advantage is that of reducing restoration costs. Walls covered with wallcover remain safe.


– it lasts very well over time
– it is waterproof
– it resists the action of chemical substances
– it does not stain and resists scratches very well
– can be installed in areas with heavy traffic
– it is antibacterial (it therefore meets the hygiene standards required in the food industry and in the medical field)
– it is very easy to maintain
– you can opt for variants with very good fire resistance
– it is the perfect solution for covering walls in wet spaces (bathrooms, changing rooms, etc.)

We install PVC wallcover in spaces such as:


gyms, changing rooms, bathrooms

tapet pentru scoala


hospitals, medical surgeries

tapet pvc pentru spitale


canteens, kitchens, public toilets

tapet pentru bai