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The medical system in Romania, with reference to the conditions/facilities it offers, is a sensitive subject. It is clear that improvements are needed, but we are hopeful that things will look increasingly better in the near future. We are able to express this opinion, especially since our team is involved in the process of rehabilitating/fitting out medical units.
Hospitals, clinics or medical units need to protect their interiors. In addition to the fact that this aspect is mentioned in the process of validating the conformity of health services at the national level, products that fall into the category intended for the protection of interiors can save the beneficiaries from further expenses.
In addition to professional floors, Indfloor Group offers interior protection systems. This includes: handrail and wall protection, wall protection panels, corner protectors, door protection plates, etc.
In 2017 Indfloor Group became the only Inpro representative in Romania. This American manufacturer mass-produces materials dedicated to protecting interiors, which they install worldwide. Since the beginning of this partnership, our team has brought Inpro products, mainly handrail and wall protection, to medical units in Romania.



The handrail is a particularly important element in the equipment of hospital units. Disregarding the professional aspect it provides to a medical facility, the usefulness of a handrail cannot be disputed. Especially in the case of elderly people or patients who have movement difficulties. The handrail has a supporting role, both in the corridors and on the staircase. Beneficiaries can opt for both classic designs and colors, as well as a handrail with a round appearance or colors chosen from an extremely varied palette. The materials can be pvc, stainless steel, wood or a combination of solid wood and metal.


Wall protection

Wall guards represent elegant profiles. Their functionality is to protect the walls against the action of chairs, hospital beds, wheelchairs or other scratches. Here too, there is a varied range of designs and colors that beneficiaries can opt for.

Indfloor Group is at your disposal for any questions related to professional floors intended for medical facilities, but also accessories intended to protect interiors.